Griffin Cymbal Boom Mount with Double Tom Drum Stand

Looking for a reliable, sturdy and warranty covered music accessories, yet not breaking the bank? Ace Division Inc. offers reliable items with free shipping, 30-day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty. This Cymbal boom stand is light weight with adjustable height features to accommodate your personal preference.

Having friends that play in a band, I can say that a slight adjustment on a certain drum accessory can affect the whole performance. I have seen drummers set up at a stage so long, adjusting drum tune, cymbals, pedals and the likes. Not just that, some hit hard that drum sticks will break off or even make stands fall down. This is one of the most common pieces of drummer’s accessory, especially for drummers that play with double tom drum. A stand that will hold two tom drums and places the cymbal over it is a very useful stand. This stand is reliable and easy to adjust; it will not wobble or move with a support from the bottom pipe diameter of 25mm (Bigger then other light duty stands). With its 18 inches of maximum cymbal boom arm length and add the adjustable cymbal height length if 22-62 inches it will be an easy access and will easily accommodate all standard cymbals. In addition to that, it also comes with a durable gear cymbal tilter, vinyl tubing and cymbal felts for adjustment and comfortability of the drummer’s preference. It will also accommodate any tom drum pipe mounts with standard size of 7/8 inch tubing and since the tom mount is adjustable it will provide infinite position that will adjust to your needs. It also has a shiny chrome finish design which is sleek and will match any drum gears. It will also do well in small venues where space is limited, keeping it in place are the rubber leg tips and prevents it from slipping.

Adding this Griffin Cymbal Boom stand that can hold double tom drum to your percussion set would be a great buy. This is reliable since this is made out of great material yet light enough to carry around with a gross weight of only 10 pounds and easy to assemble. The double braced legs are made to be stable with a convenient locking gear that will ensure it will not move. Since the cymbal boon is height adjustable you won’t be having a hard time adjusting to your preference. Lastly, this affordable price and quality is unmatched.

The Griffin brand strives for ultimate customer satisfaction and customer service. Customer service representatives will provide help the best way they can to ensure that you have the best experience. This stand is durable, long lasting and strong that it can provide years of service to your needs.

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