Piano Foot Pedal Extender by Griffin

During the early years of learning, basically in any field, posture and proper habit is one of a strong foundation to reach the top. Make sure to keep your little one’s posture correct while having their piano lessons by using this Piano Foot Pedal Extender by Griffin. Maintaining correct and proper posture while learning their favorite musical instrument can and will make a happy and memorable experience for the kids.

This Dual Deluxe Extension Prop for Beginners & Kids is made from solid hardwood with black classy design that will fit almost any types of pianos (please make sure that this piano extender is compatible with your standard piano before purcahsing). This is applicable for little pianists that cannot reach the pedals for that melodic composition that requires using the una corda (soft) pedal and the sustaining pedal while simultaneously encouraging proper posture and hand, arm, and foot placement. This pedal extender allows you to adjust the height from 7″ to 10.25″ according to the beginner’s preference. Distance between pedals: 9″. Width: 17.5″. Depth: 14″ Total height when fully raised: 11.25″. Adjustable height is also a feature of this piano extender, with a total height of 11.25″ when fully raised, no matter what age your little ones start to learn the piano they will surely be able to reach and maintain proper posture and hand-arm placement. This piano extender’s design is fit for all ages and heights to reach piano pedals easily. Backed up with one year replacement warranty you would not worry about your kids or students’ learning during piano lessons.

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