14″ Griffin Wood Snare Drums

Snare drums is one of the most recognizable sound in a drum kit. It serves as a signature of a drummer due to its adjustable sound, which can be tuned depending on the user’s preference. Furthermore, it can provide different sound like the rim shot which the drum stick strikes the rim and the head of the drum simultaneously.

This Griffin 14″ Wood Snare Drums can provide the crunchy sound you are looking for with its eight tuning lugs you can adjust the tune depending on your preference compared to most snare drums on the market with only 6 tuning lugs. It is a great use for beginners up to professionals who would not want to sacrifice quality over the price. Its drum shell that is made out of 100% poplar wood with 7.5mm shell thickness with various color choices like, Black Hickory PVC Glossy Finish, Black PVC Glossy Finish, Zebra PVC Glossy Finish, Flat Hickory PVC Glossy Finish and Oak Wood PVC Glossy Finish you can find the finish that will suit your taste and will match your existing drum kit. To include in that, is its white drum head and clear bottom which is classy and clean. It also has the snare beds installed and carved in the drum shell, curved depressions are cut opposite of each other into the bottom. Use this also to tighten, loosen and or mute the snare according to your preference. It makes the snare buzz and rattle reduced. To include in this is the drum key, the 30 day money back guarantee and one year warranty, this makes this Griffin 14″ Wood Snare Drums a perfect buy giving you the peace of mind that you bought it with a great deal.

Make sure to fine tune the lugs using the included drum key to ensure that it will suits your preference. Fine tune the snare drums on all sides and also utilize the adjustable snare beds to make you can maximize the sharp and powerful crunch.

Together with outstanding quality and elegant design, this snare drum by Griffin will make a remarkable addition to any drum kit, with its unmatched price on the market it will surely meet or even exceed your expectations. The Griffin brand values customer’s satisfaction that is why customer service is available for customers to contact anytime for help and more information about products. More so the company Ace Division that carry the Griffin brand has a vision of supplying and providing world class musical gears. Making a purchase you will never regret with its versatility, durability and quality you can rely on on each use whether you are a beginner, professional, performing on stage or its just your passion will meet your expectation.

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