Griffin Guitar Stand

Guitar is one of the most popular stringed instrument used. Most beginners start using an acoustic guitar then would want to explore more using an electric guitar or a bass guitar, given this you would have at least two or more guitars at home lying around.

A guitar stand would be an excellent purchase for yourself or someone you know. It will make the guitars safe and on display to boast your guitar range. Griffin guitar stands comes in different numbers of guitars that it can hold. Most people prefer this kind of guitar rack since it is more portable and efficient. Portable because it is easy to setup, fold-able and will only take up a small space and it is also a common use in touring bands that has a lot of gears. Efficient since it is available in a variety, ranging from three to seven guitars. It is also ideal for studio use, schools and stage performers. Griffin guitar stand is made up of a strong tubular metal which is durable and versatile. To protect your guitars, the stand is covered with black soft neoprene tubing so that your guitar rests and is secured while on the stand, preventing it from being scratched. This supports all guitars such as acoustic, electric, bass, banjos and ukulele. With its height of 32.5 inches measured from the floor and 4 inches distance from neck holders makes it an easy access for your guitars and not taking for granted the safety. It is very easy to assemble since all bolts and screws are in place, you just have to unscrew and connect the tube to assemble the stand.

The Griffin brand ensures to customer satisfaction. Making sure that products pass strict quality control to ensure maximum lifespan of the products. More so, if it does not meet your expectations any purchase is with a 30 day money back guarantee with one year replacement warranty. With Griffin’s unmatched price that does not sacrifice quality and durability, this stand is fit for any string musician’s needs.

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