Premium 2 Leg Hi-Hat Stand by Griffin – Heavy Duty Hihat Cymbal Foot Pedal with Drum Key

2 Leg Hi-Hat Stand By Griffin

Rotating 2 legged Hi-Hat Stand by Griffin. Heavy duty, and made to hold all hi-hat cymbals, this double-braced chrome percussion hardware mount features the ability to adjust the cymbal hi-hat stand height from 27 to 38 inches to conform to every drummer’s preference and converts to a No-Leg hi hat pedal.

Keeping in mind that drummers are always on the run, these 2 leg hihat stands with double-braced legs feature memory locks, allowing the nomadic drummer to effortlessly pack up the hi-hat cymbal stand and set it up again at exactly the same height adjustment. With the rotating folding 2 leg style, this stand can save space with ease of setting up your drum kit whether you are on the go or a more permanent place for your drum set. With regular 3 style Hi-Hat legs that do not rotate, you are limited to where you can position your hi-hat stand. Because the 3 legs are fixed on a standard model, you might not be able to get the exact position you want due to the other stands within that very dense foot print area. You have the power in your hands since you have the option to set this stand as a stand-alone two leg hi-hat stand for a more spaced area with the added feature to adjust the legs where you want it to be, or convert it to a no-leg hi hat stand and mount this to an existing stand (not included in the pack) for a more compact drummer’s area. Additionally, this high hat pedal also features a tension knob to adjust the pedal action. Adjust the knob up to increase a firm action feel, or adjust down for a more smooth pedal play.

This double-braced hi-hat stand is exceedingly sturdy and durable. You can trust the Griffin model H600A Two-leg hihat stand to securely accommodate your drum hardware all while being flexible with leg placement.

Two Leg Hi-Hat Pedal Features

  • 2 Leg Style converts to No Leg Styleto save space near the most congested part of your drum kit. With a Snare Stand, Cymbal Stand, Kick Pedal, and Hi-hat stand, all near the same area, the 2-legged style of this Hi-Hat stand will provide reduced foot print near this prim real estate. And for even more flexibility, the 2 legs fold straight up the shaft so that you can now use this as a no leg hi-hat style stand (see picture).
  • 360 rotating Legs. The 2 Legs rotate 360 degrees around the bottom pipe main pipe, allowing you to have even more freedom and flexibility with the floor space. With regular 3 style Hi-Hat legs that do not rotate, you are limited to where you can position your hi-hat stand. With this 2 Leg rotating model, you can simply rotate the 2 legs to the left, right, front or back to compensate the positioning of where you want to position your drum hardware.
  • Spring Tension Adjustment Knob. All drummers are not created equal. Above the pedal features a spring tension adjustment knob you can turn left to increase the pedal tension, or turn right to decrease the pedal tension. This adjustment knob allows personal settings for drummers who want a tighter firmer pedal action or looser for a smoother action.
  • Heavy Duty Chrome Hardware. This is Griffin’s heavy duty hi-hat stand model # H600A. With a very thick 28.6mm base pipe, 18” long double braced legs that are .7cm thick, oversized turning knobs, and weighing 11 pounds, this shiny chrome hi-hat stand will sure take the beating and heavy use you can give it.
  • Deluxe Upgrade Features. Boasting additional upgrade features not found on standard hi-hat pedals, this model includes: double chain pull action, deluxe cymbal clutch, large anti slip rubber feet, dual bottom floor spikes, metal toe stop, solid steel pedal plate frame, heavy duty grip foot pedal, and a slip proof memory lock.


Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand Specifications

  • Pipe Diameter: Bottom 28.6mm / Top 25mm
  • Leg Count: 2
  • Adjustable Top Shaft Height: 27” to 38” high
  • Total Fixed height to Top of Hi-Hat Rod: 43”
  • Foot Print Length (from leg to leg): 19”
  • Leg Length: 18”
  • Pedal Size: 12” x  3.5”
  • Gross Weight: 12 Pounds

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