Griffin Cymbal Stand Hardware Pack 4 Piece Set – Full Size Percussion Drum Hardware Kit with Snare Mount, Hi-Hat Pedal, Cymbal Boom, & Straight Cymbal Stand

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Griffin 4 Stand Drum Hardware Package

Buy all your drum hardware in bulk with this 4 piece hardware package of Griffin TS series drum hardware products! Keeping in mind that drummers are always on the run, all four of the stands (snare stand, hi-hat stand, boom cymbal stand, and straight cymbal stand) feature memory locks, which allow the drummer to easily pack up his equipment and quickly set each one up again at precisely the same personalized height adjustment.

Other fantastic features of these items include rubber tipped feet on the snare stand, hi-hat stand, cymbal boom stand, and cymbal straight stand, to prevent slippage and help hold the stand nicely in place on the floor. All of the cymbal stands provide slip proof cymbal positioning.


Whether you are a complete beginner, an enthusiastic gigging jazzer or a demanding professional drummer, this top quality, highly portable drum hardware set will suit all your needs. Complete with 4 deluxe stand pieces, including a snare drum, hi-hat, double-braced straight and boom cymbal stands, this is by far the best choice for every kind of drummer.


Featuring special rubber tipped feet (on the snare, hi-hat, cymbal boom, and cymbal straight stands) that will ensure the stands stay safely on the floor, without slipping, you can rest assured your expensive instruments are protected at all times. The gear tilter system on the cymbal stands ensures 100% slip-proof positioning, as it consists of a durable steel washer, wing nut, vinyl tubing and cymbal felts.


Are you often on tour? No worries. Lightweight and portable, this hardware package will make your life much easier, as each and every piece conveniently folds up into a space saving package for easy transport and light travel. What is more, the special memory locks allow you to keep your personalized height adjustments and set up your stands fast every single time, without having to spend time finding your previous settings.


Sturdy and durable, this premium quality Griffin snare drum stand promises outstanding durability that will handle daily abuse without falling apart on you. Griffin’s full-size 4 piece drum hardware set comes with the following: (1) Snare Drum Stand model# S80 | (1) Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand model# H80 | (1) Straight Cymbal Stand model# C80 | (1) Cymbal Boom Stand model# B80

Product Specifications

Snare Drum Stand Model #S80 – | Adjustable height: 18 inches to 24 inches | Can also accommodate tom drums with diameters from 8 inches to 15 inches | Base pipe diameter: 19mm | Gross weight: 4 pounds

Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand Model# H80 – | Adjustable height from 24 inches to 39 inches | Base pipe diameter: 19mm |

Straight Cymbal Stand Model# C80 – | 3 interlocking poles enable adjustable height from 29 inches to 47 inches | Base pipe diameter: 19mm | Gross weight: 4 pounds each

Cymbal Boom Stand Model# B80 – | Boom arm length: 18 inches | Two adjustable heights: 29 inches to 48 inches without boom; 29 inches to 67 inches with boom | Base pipe diameter: 19mm | Gross weight: 6.5 pounds


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