Excellent Double-Braced Cymbal Boom Stand by Griffin

Keep your peace of mind and focus just on your music with a top quality, solid cymbal stand that won’t let you down. Griffin furnished a double braced leg for most extreme solidness and an excellent cymbal tilter gear system. Parts include steel washer, wing nut, vinyl tubing and cymbal felt that guarantee slip-confirmation cymbal situating; this is a lightweight to medium weight stand, extraordinary for accommodating your crashes, splashes, sprinkles and impact cymbals in the studio or in front of an audience.

The double-braced cymbal boom stand from the Griffin TS has arrangement that us amazingly strong and has a boom arm to safely hold every single standard cymbal. It additionally includes a counterweight end piece toward the finish of the boom arm guaranteeing the double-braced cymbal boom stand securely bolsters even overwhelming cymbals! That is a great element for light weight to medium weight cymbal boom stand, for example, this one! Additionally, it can change over into a straight cymbal stand by expelling the boom arm.

This boom cymbal stand likewise has customizable tallness highlights, empowering the chrome covered cymbal stand with boom arm to move from 29 inches to 48 inches without the boom and up to 67 inches with the boom to conform to every drummer’s personal preference.

Planned with the requirements of mobile drummers and visiting artists as a primary concern, this superior quality cymbal boom stand overlap down to a minimal size, simple to pack and take with you all over the place. Capably structured with elastic tipped feet for extreme strength and insurance from falls, this cymbal boom stand will remain safely on the floor.

Why burn through cash on a cymbal boom stand that will just help the heaviness of lightweight, standard cymbals, when you can have this solid stand that will effectively oblige any sort of cymbal? Ideal for both lightweight cymbals like your 18″ crash, just as substantial rides or China cymbals, this grand boom stand includes a stabilizer end piece that will securely hold the heaviness of all your standard and overwhelming cymbals easily.

In addition with the information above you are secure with the top quality and great excellent performance of the products, Geekstands, offers 1 year replacement warranty and a a 30 day money back guarantee. With nothing to lose, request today and save!

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