Best Recording Studio Microphone Isolator Panel by Griffin

Are you searching for a top quality, yet reasonable soundproofing answer for your vocal recordings? At that point look no farther than this studio microphone diffuser isolation sound absorber from Griffin! Flaunting a solid, metal shell with 5 acoustic foam panels  that will block off outside noise for example, cooling or PC fans, decrease sound reflections or reverberate and lessen undesirable acoustic obstruction, this soundproof channel will let you record like a genius!


Why spend huge amounts of cash on acoustic treatment for your expert or home recording studio, when you can accomplish remarkable outcomes with this exceptional quality sound diffusion mic shield for significantly less? Recording Studio Microphone Isolator Panel by Griffin was durable and astoundingly very much assembled clamor stifling boundary includes high thickness; 2″ acoustic foam panels that encompass your mouthpiece and act like mini a vocal booth, providing superior noise reflection.

Not at all like most account studio sound absorbers which are made of plastic, just have three panels and are a lot smaller with more slender sound-engrossing materials, worked for the experts with five all metal movable panels canvassed with 2 in of high- density sound absorbing foam. The sharp acoustic froth annihilates outside clamor interruptions as you use Accommodates most diaphragm condenser microphones extending from 46 mm to 54 mm in breadth and weighing up to 4 lbs. The clamp interior is cushioned with a fabric covering to ensure your microphone while additionally holding it safely. This studio shock mount likewise includes a standard-sized bite the dust cast steel connector with twenty-seven (27) threads.

If you want to secure with the top quality and great excellent performance of the products, Geekstands,  the product’s distributor offers 1 year replacement warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. With nothing to lose, request today and save!

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