Snare-Drums have a peculiar high pitch sound, and this is why it is an important part of any drumkit. The practice of using different material snare-drums is the very common practice among drummers, as it changes the overall tone quality and timbre of the music. Understanding the same Griffin TS offers Wooden Snare Drum, Piccolo Snare Drum, Firecracker Snare Drum, Popcorn Snare Drum, Wood Shell Snare Drum and much more!

All the drums come with a high-quality adjustment lugs that give them a clear, sensitive & punctuated tone or sharp, aggressive attack & powerful punch as the drummer requires. In addition to this, all Griffin TS wood snare drum line are made of the finest wood (Black-wood, Oak-wood, Poplar-wood). Although, having a deluxe snare drum throw-off the range is quite economical and easily matches the quality of more expensive brand like Pearl Export. Plus, in addition to the sound tonality, the snare drums are exceedingly sturdy and durable as well

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