Piano Foot Pedal Extender by Griffin | Dual Deluxe Extension Prop for Beginners & Kids with Una Corda & Sustain Pedal|Wood Stool Design Teaching Aid Accessory with Adjustable Height for Young Pianists

Help Your Piano Students Reach the Pedals with Ease with the Best Dual Piano Pedal Extender by Griffin!

Tired of using books and all sorts of props to help your young students reach the pedals?

Do you want to encourage young pianists to start using the piano pedals early on, without risking damaging their posture?

We’ve got you covered!

Stop compromising your students’ musical development and help them use the pedals correctly even from a young age with this deluxe pedal extender!

Designed to allow pianists of all ages and heights to reach the piano pedals easily, without over-stretching their legs, this piano accessory is a must-have for teachers and students alike.

Why This Deluxe Piano Pedal Extender Is the Best for You

Perfect for all types of pianos (grand, upright, console, spinet and more)
Dual pedals (una corda/sordina and sustain pedal)
Solid hardwood base for maximum stability and heel support
Rubber feet make sure the extender stays firmly in place, without scratching your floors
Adjustable pedal height – ideal for all ages
Quick and effortless adjustment
No assembly required – ready to use right out of the box!
Elegant black finish
Highly portable and easy to carry with you to your performances

Product Specifications:

Gross weight: 14 pounds
Distance between pedals: 9″
Pedal height (measured from ground): adjustable from 7″ to 10.25″
Width: 17.5″
Depth: 14″
Total product height when fully raised: 11.25″

Get It with Confidence

Backed by a hassle-free money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

Order Yours Today and Help Your Young Pianists Enjoy the Use of the Pedal Correctly!

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  • HELP YOUR STUDENTS START USING THE PEDALS CORRECTLY: Every good piano teacher knows that correct posture is critical for all pianists, especially for younger students learning to play. In fact, if your student is unable to reach the pedals, then all your work on hand positioning can be seriously compromised. With this deluxe, dual piano pedal extender you can now help young learners reach the pedals with ease, without affecting their overall posture.
  • ADJUST TO YOUR STUDENTS’ HEIGHT: Ideal for a variety of students of different ages, this pedal extender allows you to adjust the height from 7″ to 10.25″ according to your student’s needs. Complete with a corda and sustaining pedal, as well as a solid, comfortable foot resting and rubber feet for stability, this is a must-have for daily practice and performances. Finally you can now help young learners begin using the pedal early on, which can greatly benefit their later musical development.
  • PERFORM WITH COMFORT ON ANY PIANO: No more worrying about performing on a new piano every time! Its lightweight and compact design allows you to carry this pedal extender everywhere. Compatible with all types of pianos (grand, upright, console, spinet, Steinway, Kawai, Yamaha, Wurlitzer, Baldwin, Kimball and more), this foot pedal extender is perfect for young pianists who need to perform on unfamiliar pianos or teachers and private tutors on the go.
  • SET UP AND REMOVE IN SECONDS: Thoughtfully designed to allow teachers to effortlessly set the pedal extender up without requiring the use of tools, all you need to do is simply slide the pedal extender under your piano pedals and secure in place. Finished playing? Simply pull the pedal extender away. It’s that easy! Specifications: Gross weight: 14 pounds. Distance between pedals: 9″. Width: 17.5″. Depth: 14″ Total height when fully raised: 11.25″
  • GET IT RISK-FREE: We are confident that this deluxe dual piano pedal extender will meet and even exceed your expectations. We are able to offer you a complete piece of mind 1 Year full factory warranty which is included with all new purchases.

Additional information

Weight 15.00 lbs
Dimensions 14.00 × 18.00 × 10.00 in
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