Lowest Price Straight Cymbal Stand By Griffin

If you’re looking for the best straight cymbal stand at the lowest price on the market, you need look no further! Here at Griffin, we always make sure that we bring to you the highest quality percussion hardware gear at the most attractive prices that won’t break the bank.

A great solution for simple and complex set ups, this deluxe straight cymbal stand by Griffin will safely accommodate all your standard crash and splash cymbals, without taking up too much space. Sturdy and durable, this stand is equipped with rubber leg tips to offer the ultimate in functionality and ease, without sacrificing stability. Its sleek, chrome finish makes it perfect for onstage performances and will add an unbeatable look to your drum set.

This straight cymbal featured double-braced legs for extreme stability and two interlocking poles that allow you to adjust the height from 29″ to 52″ this stand will suit the needs of all drummers. Offering slip-proof cymbal positioning and a gear system cymbal tilter with steel washer, wing nut, vinyl tubing and cymbal felts, this is a reliable, light weight cymbal stand that will keep your cymbals safely in place during all your practice sessions or on-stage performances.

Boasting a sturdy and long lasting gear system cymbal tilter with steel washer, wing nut, vinyl tubing and cymbal felt to prevent rattling, as well as an adjustable height feature with memory locks, this is a great stand for both studio or stage use. The special rubber feet at the base will prevent the stand from slipping or moving around, while you are performing, so you are free to focus only on your music!

Geekstands back this product by a 1 Year full factory warranty is included with all new purchases. With nothing to lose, order yours today and get equipped with the best percussion hardware gear for your stage performances!

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