Extended Height Snare Drum Stand by Griffin

Are you frequently on the go? Tired of re-adjusting your stand’s height settings every time you unpack your gear? Not anymore. Featuring special memory locks that will retain your height adjustments in place, this deluxe tall snare drum hardware stand is a must-have for the mobile drummer, who doesn’t have time to waste!

Griffin has a new series! The MS Series is here! An improvement on the TS Series, the MS series is aimed at the serious drummer such as this snare drum stand for standing up play. The S2TS by Griffin is a quality medium to heavy duty snare stand designed to be used when you’re standing up. It’s height adjustable from 26 inches to 36 inches (these numbers are before you add in the depth of your drum) and is chrome plated. It’s also sturdy. It boasts a tripod configuration which takes up less room and has double braced legs that fold up for maximum portability. The Extended Height Snare Drum Stand’s heavy-duty rubber leg tips prevent slippage, keeping the snare drum stand in place during all your drum solos. Adding to that, this snare drum stand incorporates noise and swaying reduction with the slip-proof inner nylon sleeve within the support base pipe. Adjustable height: 26 inches to 36 inches

Whether on stage or in the studio, no performer wants to compromise their performance. Sturdy and durable, with a medium weight construction and double braced legs, nylon bushing joints and rubber arm and leg tips, this stand will safely hold your instruments in place, at all times! All of the adjustment knobs are made of steel.

This snare drum hardware base kit comes with an unbeatable price-tag that you won’t find anywhere else on the market! Dare to compare: This Griffin percussion stand combines top quality and excellent performance, without costing a fortune. Can you afford to miss this opportunity?

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