Telescoping Microphone Stand with Mic Clip Boom Arm Tripod Style by Griffin AP series are reliable, stable and economic priced. All our products whether the (Scissor, Boom or Telescopic) microphone stand , Microphone Isolator Diffuser or Hand-Held Cardioid Microphones are backed up by 12-month replacement warranty because we believe in our specialized engineering process and quality.

The range of Scissor Microphone Stand, Microphone Boom Stand &Telescoping Mic Stand have a right amount of mass, yet they don’t feel them heavy and are quite portable. They all are quite versatile, ergonomic and easy to use, which is why they are the best deal. Similarly, Hand-Held Cardioid Microphones & Microphone Isolator Diffuser Griffin goes above and beyond competitors to give their customers the best that money can buy in this price range. So, just buy with confidence and rest assure you will be surprised with the premium build characteristics of our products

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