Essential Guide on Choosing a Stand for Your DJ Lights

With regards to DJ lighting system, it’s absolutely essential to get your lighting fixtures up off the ground for greatest impact. Lights set on the floor, seats, or tables not only add a lethargic look to your setup, but they rapidly lose their effectiveness when they are pointed straight at the guest’s legs.

Speakers and Speaker Stands

For DJs that are strapped for money or striving for the most compact system possible, you can utilize equipment you effectively own to fix your lighting; your speaker stands. Make sense of the diameter of your speaker stand and you can without much of a stretch purchase an O-clamp to mount a light below every speaker (symmetry is constantly liked). On the off chance that you want to get your lights higher off of the ground and your speaker has fixing points on top, utilize a bolt of the correct size to attach your light directly to the top. Mounting speakers to lights is a snappy, modest option that is infinitely better looking than setting lights on the floor, but you are limited in the height and space accessible to you.


T-Bars are quite possibly the most broadly utilized DJ lighting stand by Griffin. They offer greater height than your typical speaker stand and give you enough space to comfortably mount at least 4 lights in one location. The expanded height and space are both great updates over speaker stands, but T-bars do have downsides. To guarantee stability the legs of the stand should be dispersed pretty wide, which can be a problem in the event that you are limited on floor space. Similarly as with anything in your setup, try to keep your links tidy and covered up as best as could be expected under the circumstances.


Utilizing truss is truly a step up in light equipment for the mobile DJ. Trussing is greater and heavier than the other lighting options, and a significantly larger financial investment. The benefits, however, are many. Trussing is tough, professional looking, and ready to support a lot of weight. Concealing your wires is a lot simpler within trussing, and the trussing itself can be “warmed” with lighting to create an effect of its own. Trussing can be utilized as totems (columns), raised on wrench stands, or can be utilized to create entire arches, goal posts, and structures. Ensure you purchase trussing from a reputable manufacturer that allows you to extend your trussing as your business grows.

Which method do you use, and how does it fit in with your plan of action?

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